The Black Woman's Body

After hearing a bunch of hoopla, I felt compelled to watch the music video "Video Phone" today--well, not really. It was just a couple of seconds with the sound off. (I have a strong gag reflex, you see.) However, the few seconds I did see utterly disgusted me. Beyonce has become little more than a highly paid stripper, and it is disgusting and hypocritical that she is held in such high esteem and is commended as being a positive role model for Black girls.

What bugs me is that most of the people who praise Beyonce would call any other Black girl who dresses or dances the way that she does ghetto and a whore. Furthermore, people seem oblivious as to why females mimic her behavior and act as if they are the ones who have the problem. When Beyonce and similar Black singers have so much support from the mainstream, why shouldn't women dance or dress like them since they have such general approval? Secondly, why are Black celebrities celebrated when they act like prostitutes and strippers in the name of entertainment, but when black girls do it, it's a sign of the moral decay and the decline of the Black community? How can we expect Black women to value their bodies when we don't even ourselves? We treat it as just a commodity to get extra media attention or record sales--an object of lust, not of respect.

This condition in our community makes me even more discouraged because it causes me to think of Saartjie Baartman. She had no choice in having her body exploited for money, but here are Black women willing to take their clothes off because of their peoples' support and overall lack of respect and appreciation of the Black woman's body.

In conclusion, we as a people need to stop playing both sides by complaining about how women are behaving like tramps and then gush over those in the mainstream that do. If we want the future generation of Black women to carry themselves as ladies, then we must start to show our appreciation for those who are. If there were no demand, there would be no supply.


Afrika said...

You are being too hard on black women. Black women have always had the shorter end of the stick. You speak as if the black women's body is a special sacred holy temple elated above the bodies of all other women.

The black women is first and foremost A WOMAN. Some women like to be sexy, and some women like revealing outfits. So being a sexy woman makes you bad???? I don't get your logic.

White women have always been sexy. From the flappers in the 1920s to the pin up girls. Everyone seems to be fine with that. When it comes to a sexy black women, the world erupts in protest. Please, let us stop judging our women based on how they dress. So Beyonce is no Angela Davis, so what? does that make her a bad black woman?

You also fail to understand that Beyonce is a skilled stage performer and skilled stage performers are known for luring the crowd in with revealing and risque outfits. She's not the first to do it and she won't be the last. Even back in the 1920s, Josephine Baker had already mastered the art of risque stage performing. When Beyonce is not on stage, she does not dress like that. That is why they are "stage outfits". Legends like Tina Turner and Diana Ross did it back in the day but I don't hear you cussing them out. This is just a load of horse sh*t as far as I am concerned.

The Black Bot said...

I don't mean to say that Black women are better than other women. Are our bodies a temple to be respected? Absolutely. Women can be sexy without being trashy or exploting themselves for cash like so many are today. Doing that makes you "bad" as you put it. Why shouldn't I judge someone by the way they dress? How a person dresses is an excellent indication of their character (or lack of one). I don't care how many people try to draw attention to their careers by delivering sexulized performances. Actions cannot be justified simply because they are approved by others. Even if she wears clothes off stage, girls are watching that she doesn't on stage and they most definetley are being influenced by that. You're angry because I just meantioned Beyonce? My point would be the same no matter who I used as an example. Beyonce was the one who motivated the post as I said in the beginning.

Jackie said...

I agree with "The Black Bot." Many young women do not see these performers off stage and if they do they already have a clue as to what their bodies look like when they're half naked. It makes them self-conscience. They either feel that they have to dress that way to feel sexy or get attention- OR they want to hide their bodies in shame because they're not "proportioned right" according to the visual standards of any music mogul or model. This is not a load of horse ****. It's the truth. And the truth is never popular. It doesn't sell and it's not the answer many women want to feel better about themselves. They want the "easy way out." Such as "10 ways to get thin" or "Look like Beyonce in minutes!" They don't want to have to do some serious soul searching to get rid of toxic emotions that would make them feel insecure about their body image in the first place because for most it's a painful place to visit. But if we learn to start praising women who feel, look or act sexy without expoiting themselves for ANY reason then young women or women of any statute will start to appreciate who they are and what they were blessed with. Black women have had it a little harder but it's only because of the history. But the present doesn't help either. We are not better just because of our race but we should ALWAYS set a standard to help our women break the stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

from lion courage : Ii know media talk of beyonce this beyonce that, and then i ask why. now i see why.
a real talent won't need to spread their body wide open like a fresh meat on the butchers' table. if a singer is disgustinly displaying herself in such an indecent exposure as with beyonce and the likes, what then are street prostitutes, holywood whores, sluts and crackheads are saying. hope no good daughter sees these filths. they are desperate productions' cheap shot to fame . we're not impressed. you can keep them undesirable trophy.
moreover a true beautiful woman with confidence in her art doesn't need to invite lustful eyes into parts of her interior flesh just to sale art . art should speak for itself.

Maruschka said...

I agree with Black Bot because I'm 19 and I grew up watching Beyonce, Lil Kim etc And I always felt ugly because my breasts and my butt weren't large enough, my hair wasn't long and flowing like theirs and I couldn't move my body like Beyonce. I felt ugly because the guys in my school would praise girls who measured up to that look. Watching Beyonce's and many other female artists videos made me feel as though I needed to be sexy or I wasn't good enough. I remember being 9 years old and praying that puberty would bless me with a body like Beyonce's. The way these female artists portray themselves on stage really does have an impact on the little ones and it can contribute to low self esteem and a whole bunch of body image issues.

Anonymous said...

beyonce dresses and acts the way she does because she is trying to assimilate into the scene and tryin to hide her hair under those weaves and wigs its sad

jaycee said...

well i disagree with everyone because with or without makeup or weave according to people magazine beyonce is voted worlds most beautiful woman and everyone knows it and thats why i believe in the saying be a leader not a follower so all you would have to do is be yourself and stop trying to be someone your not when you could have a chance at being famous yourself

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