Woman Sues Church For Performing Gay Unions

It is not enough that she draws her morality from a book that contradicts itself a 1,000 times on basic moral concepts (Matthew 26:52; 1 Samuel 15:3) and over half of which some how doesn't count anymore, she feels as if she has the duty to force everyone else to share these beliefs as well. Why must Christians incessantly impose their personal beliefs on others? If you fell that it is wrong to be a homosexual, fine, but what gives you the right to dictate to others what their lives should be? People think that by just claiming that God mandates that something wrong, they are justified in denying people the right to make own choices. However, a nation cannot be run on people's opinions on what is the word of God.

What if the United States was suddenly a country made predominately of Jews and Muslims? What if Christians were the minority? Both of the previous religions believe that God commanded that they do not eat pork; however, Christians still do eat pork readily. Would the Jewish and Muslim majorities have the right to make the sale and consumption of pork illegal in the United States on the basis that "God said so?"

There are almost 40,000 denominations and countless of independent religions all serving as emissaries, telling us different messages of what God says. However, until God actually comes and gives an order himself, God's word remains man's opinion, and therefore cannot be forced upon rothers.


Jamthelbg said...

Thank you so much for talking about this subject. I'm a tired of people imposing their beliefs on others as if their perspective on life is the only important one. Some people believe that their religion is the end all and be all to everything. Thats fine for their life, but why should put your beliefs on me? Some many people are closed minded. They don't realize how it does more harm than good. People always seem to remember the scriptures that condemn and rarely view the scriptures that promote love and understanding. Nevertheless, this is ridiculous and embarrassing.

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