They're trying to take "Christ" out of "Christmas." 

It's not even December, but I'm already hearing that familiar cry of victimization. The phrase bothers me, to a lesser extent, because it assumes that just because one is not a Christian that he or she is automatically anti-Christian. To hear many Christians talk, one would presume that it is every non-Christian's aim to stamp out all references of Christ, or that we quail at the mere sight of a cross. But just because we left the religion doesn't mean that we hate everything that is connected with it. Heck, I still listen to Richard Smallwood and Kirk Franklin. So, yeah, I find it rather insulting that the church keeps sending the message that just because I'm an atheist, that I have nothing better to do with my time than to obsess about removing baby Jesus from their nativity scenes.

However, what annoys me the most about this phrase are the privileged connotations that go along with it. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the phrase "Happy Holidays" condemned as an evil plot against Christianity just because it doesn't recognize Christianity as being supreme. Christians have such a sense of entitlement in America that they feel that every thing that does not acknowledge them is a direct attack. Do you celebrate Chanuka or Kwanzaa? Too bad. Jesus is the reason for the season, so your holidays cannot be recognized at all. Tell me, if Christianity is not a religion but instead is a personal relationship, why is it necessary to force it on everyone else? If Christmas is all about Jesus for you, fine, as it is your "personal relationship" after all, but stop trying to make others join it. I mean really, you don't see Jews protesting when business put up signs that say "Merry Christmas," but Christians protest holiday trees because it does not mention them. A lack of privilege over other religions is a sign of a oppression apparently.

This reminds me of how a couple of times I have heard Christians say that they are oppressed because they are not allowed to proselytize in public schools. It is as if they just cannot understand why someone would not want them to teach children about their religion, when they know that they would raise hell if a Muslim, Mormon, JW, etc. came on school grounds and did the exact same thing. However, because they are Christians, they feel as if they should get a pass.

Have you heard of the Christian movie "Christmas with a Capital C." It pretty much sums up the sentiment I described in this post.


Irie said...

Its difficult to keep up with Christian bashing but here are a few examples

Anonymous said...

I find many atheists quite dismissive and contemptuous of Christianity. Indeed browsing the net there appears to be an inveterate hatred of Christians and Christianity on their part.

Atheists deny the existence of God. They point to the Big Bang. However the question remains. Who was behind the Big Bang? Who triggered it?
Who created matter? When was it created? The fact of the matter is that it took a Superior Being to create it. Matter could not have existed always.
Take a look at the Solar System and the universe. All of this could not have happened by chance. The Universe is so well constructed that it took a Superior Being (God) to bring it about. It certainly did not happen by chance.
Read the book "Miracles do happen" by Sister Briege McKenna. It is a fantastic book.
Lukewarm Christians visit the Marian shrines of Medjugorje, Lourdes and Fatima. They come back with a renewed insight into Christianity.

Many atheists are seeking to remove all traces of Christianity from American society.
They snigger at religious practices and wish to eradicate Christmas and Easter from the calendar.
How sad.

The Black Bot said...

Just because you do not understand why something works doesn't mean that God is responsible. By that reasoning you could say, "Someone must have triggered a disease. Therefore God/demon/a spell is responsible for being sick." Indeed, that is how we used to think, but science has proven that the supernatural is not the cause of illnesses.

Even if your premise was true, why should I believe that this Superior being that created the universe is your god, who had a son, who came to earth 2,000 years ago, etc?

Most atheist don't want to remove all traces of religion, we just don't want it forced on us.

Anonymous said...

Very well written. I couldn't have said it better myself. I think what's lacking in most Christians is a basic respect for others' beliefs.

I mean, think about which holidays the Government gives us off from work. Christian holidays. If you're Muslim, Hindu, Bhuddist... too bad, use your sick leave for your holidays. However, you don't hear them complaining about that. But let me write "Christmas" as "Xmas" once and Christians are up in arms.

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