African-American Women and Dating Desperation

I cannot stand when African-American act so desperate on the internet. I feel so embarrassed. One can go online now to a plethora of blogs or YouTube videos can see countless AA women making slide shows and blog post expressing their devotion to men of other races. Do these women realize how they are degrading us. It is as if AA women are begging or pleading for any one love us, and it saddens me that we feel that we have to work so hard to get men to show us some attention. Furthermore, why don't AA women see that no one else is obsessing over us online at the volume that we do to others? If other men were so eager to start IR relationships with us, you wouldn't have to beg. This sort of behavior is nothing short of pathetic, and it needs to stop. It's only contributing to the destruction of our image.


Get Togetha said...

What irks me to no end is when some of us act like someone outside of our race is going to don a Superman cape and save our lives from the wretchedness that we are. But as the perceptions fade you realized that that person outside of your race was in fact a human being with the same human nature issues of personality quirks, annoying habits and self-esteem issues that all we humans tend to experience. It turns out that the white guy or the Indian girl who's a better catch actually farts and has morning breath. We've got to kill this ignorance that anything other than black equals better. It's a myth and a huge lie and I believe comes from a serious lack of exposure combined with extreme ignorance.

People are people and quite honestly no one can save your day. You've got to love you and that's the bottom line.

Just sayin.

Dating said...

We've got to kill this ignorance that anything other than black equals better.

Anonymous said...

I agree, these women have basically given in and trying to "assiliate" into mainstream beauty standards. I often wonder how many of these women just simply want White men to have lighter skin children, especially daughters, that won't have to feel "abused" and "Unwanted" like they do as black females!

I think this is the REAL issue with black women wanting interracial realtionships! I want to remind so many of these women, that Black men are so terrible now b/c Black MOTHERS put them on a pedstal unstead of raising them! So a lot of our black men problems are even our fault.

One thing is for sure, not one is going to affirm us until we affirm ourselves. Not even White men! Because Black men don't respect their women does not mean they are going to stop respecting White women!

african woman said...

The saddest part of being a black women is that lots of people discriminates them and no wonder why they get depressed when it comes to online dating. It's hard for them to find someone who will seriously engage with them.

Seriously, why is it that there are lots of people out there who are racist? They don't even think that we are all human and we have the right to be treated equally!

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