It's no secret that African-American women have been the subject of much scrutiny and criticism in recent days. Study's have been released reporting how we all have herpes and only have a media wealth of $5. Films like Precious encourage our image of having broken, pathological lives. Chris Rock does his part by teaching the world that we have illogical, obsessive relationship with our hair. A plethora of news outlets report on how African-American women cannot find a man and are doomed to remain desperate and lonely. Fortunately for us, dozens of AA men have stepped up to highlight all of our flaws and teach us how if we could just get our act together all of our problems would just disappear. Apparently to America, the African-American woman is a wide eyed lost babe in the wood in need of direction, and everyone has the answers to what our "problems" are and is ready to show us the light.

Naturally, we are sick of this degradation, but it won't stop any time soon. African-American women's aggravation bubbled over last night when NightLine once again broadcast that we can't have successful relationships. I have to say, this didn't bother me too much as I do not watch it because I won't focus on things that are this ridiculously trite. However, this morning on Amazon I a book that was provoking. (The man is the author)

According to Amazon, it was published in February this year. Pettiford said, "Topics will range from: 1) The Media Stereotypes of Black Women, 2) Why Black Men Don’t Want Black Women, 3) The Dark History of Black Women in America, 4) The Weakness of The Strong Black Woman, 5) Why So Many Black Women Are Single, and so much more."

I am so tired of society's constant inspection of us, of all of us being reduced to a stereotypes, and of America self-righteous attitude, acting as if all problems reside within AA women. I'm ready for them to put down their stones and to stop this constant condemnation of us. African-American women need to move on from the position of being America's whipping boy


Anonymous said...

Try being a mexican american woman in this country.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. I am sick of this constant black female bashing social engineering that's going on. For centuries white supremacist racists have tried to drive a wedge between black men and black women and they have succeeded. And they are still trying to drive black men away from black women and have so far done a very good job! What's going on at the moment with all the negativity being aimed at black women is a systematic attempt to destroy the black female. It's that age old thing of if you repeat a thing often enough, people will believe it. So the media says black women are (fill in the negative judgement) over and over again and everyone believes it. Except me. No one is going to tell me I will not marry because of my skin color! That's a lie from the pit of hell! But America and the UK desperately want a lighter, whiter society and cause 'lynching aint legal no more', denegrating and demonizing the black woman and promoting mixed race relationships for black men (with white women especially but other lighter skinned women will do - anyone but the black woman.) is the next best thing to depopulate the world of black people. And by black people I am not talking about mixed race people I mean true black people, people with a black father and a black mother. America wants to destroy the black race, and it seems is slowly succeeding. And the denegration of the black woman is just one method being used to this end.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant to say the Western world, including the UK wants to destroy the black (or African) race, not just America.

Anonymous said...

So true. But, the devil is a liar. Our culture survives because of the love and strength provided by the black woman.

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